Breakfast with the humble smashed avocado

avo on toastThe strength behind an avocado for breakfast

It’s amazing how a timeline and social media can create the demands of those items we have so grown to love…

Taking 5 years from pip to grow into a tree ready to bear fruit, then the fruit flower stays open for a small window, 2 days to be exact and can only successfully fruit if it has been grafted and lives in subtropical & tropical regions.  With such an integrate beginning one is intrigued with how farmers have persevered to ensure it stays available and has grown to be such a popular fruit.

This great fruit was predominately found in the Mexican diet for over 10,000 years then records of avocado growing in Australia were shown was as early as the mid-eighteenth century. However, the modern-day industry dates from 1928 with the first importation of named varieties from California.

By the late 1960’s it had become the colour everyone had to have, with most kitchens replicating the colour of an avocado in curtains, utensils and many whole kitchens, often teamed up with yellow.. boy.. how time changes our desires and interior house colours.

It has now taken the fall for the millenniums not being able to afford housing with the “Avocado toast” stories floating the internet so what is the future for our most loved avocado.

It currently ranks in the highest sort after fruit in the cafe market with a multitude of versions to the “avocado toast” option on Nationwide cafe menus.  What respectable cafe would dare not to add some variation of “smashed” avocado to their menus.  Now with the move towards a healthier lifestyle, super foods have taken the market by storm and guess who is at the forefront??   Packed with nutrients and good fats it has moved to the top of the list of ingredients for most healthy salads.

In Australia, demand is outpacing supply. Australian retail sales increased 15.8% in the 12 months ending August 2016, driven by a significant spike in the number of consumers buying avocados. Around seven-in-10 (71.4%) households bought avocados in 2016—up from 65.4% two years ago. And just like in the U.S., Aussies are putting avocados in their shopping basket more frequently than they did just a few years ago.   taken from an interesting article on the growth of avocado’s world wide  take a look:

The article states “The Australian avocado industry has been working hard to capitalise on the increased demand for avocados, with Horticulture Innovation Australia investing heavily over the last three years in media and activation to attract consumers to the category.” Great news for the farming industry of Australia  (well subtropical & tropical parts of Australia)

So where to from here??  Will we continue to indulge in this wonderful fruit and stay healthy whilst eating it?

Why not post on our facebook page under “smashed avocado” your best photo enjoying this great fruit and we will draw the “most intriguing” photo and you could   win a Rhyme St meal eating our freshly made guacamole “smashed avocado” for 2 with drinks.


reference: Avocado Production in Australia – Anthony W. Whiley*


Follow this truly wonderful set of instructions of how to grow an avocado tree….

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